Allergy Assistance For Suffering Veterans

Posted on: 21 May 2015

Getting assistance with allergy problems isn't easy for veterans, especially if you have other health risks or difficulties that make earning a living difficult. Fortunately, there are ways that an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist can get you the help you want--and the business they need--with services that Veterans Affairs (VA) can provide. Before going without treatment because of the cost, consider a few ways that the VA can get you to a trusted specialist.

Why Is VA Allergy Assistance Difficult?

When many veterans think of the VA, it's because of the extensive disability program that assists veterans with service-connected disabilities. A service-connected disability is any condition that was caused by military service or made worse during service.

Allergies are not often part of such disability categories, but you need to think about your allergies and how they were affected during the military. Even if you knew about your allergies before joining the military, you could have been put through more hardship--to no one's fault--that needs to be rectified by the VA.

Military service is difficult, and often involves attempting the impossible for survival and victory. If you've been not only exposed, but forced against materials that cause allergies--medication, vegetation, foods or other substances--you need to document the issue and look for any complications.

Allergy exposure isn't always an issue that flares up, then goes away during recovery. You could be suffering serious internal damage or increasingly severe reactions due to continued exposure. Pollen allergy sufferers, for example, may have excessively damaged throat and nasal passages due to overexposure and trauma cause by inflammation and straining sneezing.

Your Problems Matter! See A Specialist Soon

Remember that the VA exists to serve you, the veteran. If you're out in the world with a problem that the VA could fix, it only supports the VA's cause more if they're able to assist a legitimately ailing veteran. Many veterans feel as if they're taking much needed resources when complaining about their problems. 

The funds that aren't given to veterans are for the injured veterans. If you don't get the compensation you deserve, you're only leaving money on the table for fraudulent veterans to steal. Instead, contact an ENT specialist and explain your situation.

The ENT specialist can perform allergy testing to determine your allergic responses as well as damage that could have been caused by past exposure. With this information, the VA can issue a referral for you to visit that specialist for continued care.

At the very least, your medical needs can be covered without taking money out of your pocket. If you qualify for a disability percentage, you can put it to use on medication and techniques to reduce your exposure to allergens.

Contact an allergy test specialist like one found at to begin on your path to treatment.